Credit Bureau free credit without proof of salary

A Credit Bureau-free loan without proof of salary is very difficult to find on the free credit market, because the lack of Credit Bureau proof and the lack of salary means that lenders lack two elementary guarantees that play an important role in the granting of loans.

However, by taking the collateral from the bank, the borrower in most cases also deprives himself of the chance of getting a loan at all. No serious and homogeneous bank grants a loan to a borrower if he cannot even prove his own income, from which he allegedly wants to pay the debt.

Lack of proof of salary

The lack of Credit Bureau entry and the missing history also weigh heavily, but no longer play a role in the case of a lack of proof of salary. While a review of the Credit Bureau is rather optional, it is imperative for the bank to know how much the prospective borrower makes and whether he has a fixed income at all. If there is no income, the chance that the loan will be repaid on time and in full is almost zero. As a result, the loan application would be rejected in this case.

Where to get a loan without Credit Bureau and without salary?

Where to get a loan without Credit Bureau and without salary?

A Credit Bureau-free loan without proof of salary can at best be obtained from the private environment or from private lenders. The private environment tends to hand over a loan even if the borrower does not actually have sufficient collateral. In this case, the person concerned would still be given a loan because the personal relationship to one another is more important than the creditworthiness of the borrower.

A Credit Bureau-free loan without proof of salary of course only works in this form if there are willing lenders in the private environment. These not only have to be willing to borrow, but also have to have the necessary financial resources themselves. If there are no such people in the immediate vicinity, the person concerned can still look around on private portals that bring private lenders together with private borrowers. Here, the lenders sometimes also dispense with comprehensive proof of creditworthiness, which, on the other hand, is compensated for by high interest rates. A loan of this form would be extremely expensive and hardly economically viable for the borrower.

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